The Colorist & Emiliana Torrini

Rough Trade will release The Colorist/ Emiliana Torrini LP on Oct 28, 2016. While Emiliana Torrini needs no introduction, her musical collaborators on this release have a fascinating pedigree that warrants examination.

The Colorist Orchestra, a Belgian ensemble founded by Aarich Jespers and Kobe Proesmans in 2013, takes as their project the reenvisioning of repertoire from established musicians from across genres. The group uses traditional classical instruments and arrangements, along with a variety of their own musical inventions to contribute innovative, never-before-heard sounds and grooves to their compositions and re-compositions.

When Jespers and Proesmans, fans of Torrini’s rich catalogue, invited her to collaborate on a series of live concerts, she was intrigued, but asked them to re-compose one of her songs as a kind of proof of concept. The result, a wholly novel rendition of “Animal Games,” convinced Torrini that working with the group was a creative opportunity that she couldn’t dream to miss.

In fact, although the Colorist Orchestra had initially planned to “re-color” only seven of Torrini’s songs, she was so enthralled by what she’d heard that she convinced them to work with her on fifteen of her previously-released tracks. Jespers and Proesmans pulled together a new eight-piece ensemble to create live re-envisionings of the works.

The group created a new world out of the music, and while Torrini admitted that she could barely recognize many of her own songs in the rearrangements, the collaboration – from emails and Skype calls to rehearsals, soundchecks, and finally, the live concerts – came together organically and beautifully, with Torrini’s talent elevating the Colorist ensemble’s creativity, and the group helping her rediscover the joy and the power within her own songs in this new light.

The shows’ reception from audiences and press was exceptional, so the Colorist members and Torrini realized a live album would enable them to share this magical experience more broadly.

Two brand-new Emiliana Torrini songs debut on this album: “Nightfall,” written by Kid Koala and Torrini; and “When We Dance,” written by Jespers, Proesmans, and Torrini. The latter reflects the musical chemistry the three musicians developed during the process of rehearsal and performance for the Colorist concerts.

Emiliana Torrini, vocals

The Colorist Ensemble:

Kobe Proesmans – percussion, calabas

Aarich Jespers – percussion, flapamba

Sep François – melodic percussion, hammered mbar

Wim De Busser – grand piano, prepared piano, keys

Tim Vandenbergh – doublebass, el.bass

Gerrit Valckenaers – bass clarinet, stones, mirrors, glass bowls, electronics

Jeroen Baert – violin, mandolin

Karel Coninx – viola




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